Thoroughbred Series

As the Kentucky Derby season approaches within the next month, many Kentuckians are already picking out hats and outfits, and figuring out which horses to bid on. The Kentucky Derby is the leading American horse race and cultural festival held with various galas, dinners, and social events each Derby weekend.

As you’re reading, you may find yourself excited to attend the Derby events….but you may also be asking yourself “What does this have to do with a window company?”

Thoroughbred window in Sun showroom

Sun loves traditions, and as a proud Kentucky based company, the Derby is definitely a tradition we do not take loosely. So we thought, “Why not incorporate our products with some Kentucky history.” This thought led us to the Thoroughbred series, a window with rustic wood interior and modern window performance.

Thoroughbred is Sun’s Direct Set Fixed Lite window that features “Kentucky Racehorse Oak” by Old World Timber. This wood is milled from reclaimed oak horse fencing sourced from farms throughout central Kentucky, providing a rustic appearance on the interior of our modern, energy efficient window.

Learn more on our website, so one day soon you can sit back, drink a mint julep, and enjoy the view looking out of your Thoroughbred window.

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