Bi-Fold Door Basics

Bi-fold doors open up design possibilities for spectacular views and unhindered access between the interior of a home or building and the beauty of the outdoors. These doors are a great choice when looking to maximize space and blend indoor and outdoor environments.

What is a Bi-Fold Door?

Bi-fold doors feature two or more panels hinged together at the ends so that they slide open to easily “fold” together to one side. When closing, the panels slide to unfold and begin to straighten out end to end.

Bi-fold doors add practical and aesthetic benefit to both commercial and residential spaces. Bi-fold doors can connect spaces when opened and separate spaces when closed. When open, they can connect indoor and outdoor spaces to let in fresh air, but still let in a ton of sun light when closed.

Benefits of Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold doors create large and unobstructed openings since the panels stack open neatly out of the way.

Bi-fold doors are easy and fun to operate. To open, you just have to undo the locks and pull the handles. The doors move easily on a track and fold together to one side with little effort. It is also fun to watch them fold together and transform from a huge door to a huge opening. Bi-fold door systems also include an optional swing door at one end, allowing quick and easy in/out access without having to open the full door system.

Bi-fold doors offer light and views when they are closed as well. With a full glass door panel, more light is able to come in and you are able to catch great views.

a closed bi-fold door

Considerations When Selecting Bi-Fold Doors

Consider the surrounding space. Bi-fold panels can extend outward or inward and fold at one end, so it is important to make sure the exterior or interior of the house has space for the panels to operate. While bi-fold doors are beautiful, if you are short on space, a sliding door system may be a better choice. Check out Sun’s bi-fold door panel options to see what panel layout fits best in your space.

Consider the energy efficiency. Bi-fold door systems offer several choices of energy-efficient glass options. Different glass options offer the best level of performance for a particular climate.

Consider the safety and security. Sun’s bi-fold doors consist of a locking system on the top and bottom of each panel to keep the panels secure when closed.

If bi-fold doors are what you are looking for to create a beautiful open space between environments, check out Sun’s website to learn more.

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