What to Know About Window Grilles

Window grilles provide a decorative pattern on a window by dividing the larger sheet of glass into smaller panes. They are also referred to as grids, muntins, or mullions. Not only is it important to choose a window style that matches the style of the home, but to also choose a grille design that complements the appearance.

Before we discuss the multiple grille patterns and types that Sun offers, it is important to lay out some history about the traditional window grids.

Glassmaking in America began in Jamestown, Virginia in 1608, about a year after the first colonists settled in Jamestown from England. The London company was made up by businessmen in England in hopes of finding valuable raw materials needed back in England or manufacturing goods that would bring great profit. There was a high demand for glass that could not be met by English glass factories. With the amount of suitable sand in Jamestown, glass making was well off.

window on a historic colonial home

During that time, glass was thin and weak so small glass window panes, also called divided lites, were produced. These small glass panes were then held into place with muntins, which were wood moldings at the time. This is where the Colonial window grid pattern started. Colonial grids, or grilles, are still used today to give a historic and traditional appearance to the home. Throughout the years, many other grille patterns have evolved as well.

Modern Window Grilles

Glass is now made in large sheets with grilles bonded to the window glass to make it look like individual window panes held together by muntins. Muntins are wood grids that separate panes of glass in true divided light windows. Grilles now come in different materials, such as wood, aluminum, vinyl, and more. Some grilles can attach to the windows with latches, making them easy to remove for cleaning or replacing. Other grilles are located in between the glass window panes, creating a smooth and easily cleanable window surface.

What Does Sun Offer?  

Sun offers a variety of grille types in multiple sizes:

  • Simulated Divided Lite with low profile exterior bars
  • Simulated Divided Lite with raised profile exterior bars
  • Wood Surround Grille
  • Grilles Between Glass
  • Simulated Check Rail/Faux Double Hung
  • Simulated Mull

To learn more about the grille types offered, click on this link.

Sun offers an immense option of grille patterns for Casements, Fixed Lites, Double Hung, Doors, Round Tops, Arch tops, and Gothic windows. To see the pattern options for each window type, click on this link.

With the large selection of grille types and patterns, Sun is able to offer the best window style and grille design that complements the style of your beautiful home. Feel free to visit our website to learn more or contact us.




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