Creating Convenient Doors with MultiDrive

Sun will be kicking off the new year with a new product available to customers starting on January 1st, 2020. With its automation, the product will allow users to conveniently walk in and out while carrying items, and easily open and close the doors for pets, without pushing or pulling.

This product is the MultiDrive by Autoslide, which is an automatic sliding door system. It attaches to new or existing sliding doors to enable them to open and close automatically. Although the installation will not be factory applied, Sun will provide field assistance for installation as necessary.

Sun sliding door with multidrive system
mode pad and sensor

The MultiDrive consists of a motor device and electronic controller, allowing the door to be activated by wireless push buttons installed on both sides of the opening of the door. Motion sensors and other activation devices are optional. The MultiDrive has four mode settings. These include Unsecured Automatic Mode, Stack Open Mode, Secured Automatic Mode, and Pet Mode.

When in the Unsecured Automatic Mode, the door automatically opens for people. The pet sensors and locking function are disabled, but the indoor and outdoor sensors are active. With the Stack Open Mode, the door can be programmed to open multiple panels and activate to open and to close, while the locking function is enabled. The Secured Automatic Mode automatically opens the door for people using Inside Mode sensors and the locking function is enabled. The outside sensors and pet sensors are disabled. The Pet Mode enables use of pet sensors and allows the door to be opened to the pet’s width. The door can also be opened to full width for people. The locking function is enabled.

You can download the Autoslide App to your smartphone or tablet to operate and program your MultiDrive system where there is internet access. The app allows you to let people in when you are not home, grant or deny automatic access for pets, and monitor the sliding doors 24/7.  

Watch a video of the MultiDrive System on a Sun Sliding Door to get more information. If you are interested in installing this new system on your sliding doors, then visit Sun Windows or contact us for more details.


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